IT Trends To Look Forward To As A Modern Business In 2015 & Beyond

Information technology, computers, data centers, and cloud computing are all relatively new to humanity; each year these things all grow significantly and distinctively, often offering more services in less space; this should ring true with our clientele utilizing US Logic’s enterprise cloud storage systems in New York City where space is scarce.

Here are some things for you to look forward to in the IT world this coming year. IT is an ever-growing and developing field and this year is no exception.

Arrival of the “Internet of Things”

“Big Data” is simply too much to be quantified without the assistance of computers. The “Internet of Things” refers to a world where not just people, but products and infrastructure are connected to an internet that creates an informational “matrix” that sparks innovation towards a smarter planet. With the “Internet of Things”, expect more manufactured products and software to be integrated with the world, creating a system where data is created and processed seamlessly into everyone’s daily lives.

Enhanced Consumerization

“Consumerization” refers to products that are built with the end-user in mind. Look forward in the coming years to products that are created with the end-user and not the engineer in mind. More streamlined, easy to use products are being created using Big Data to innovate and decide exactly what consumers want and need.

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Faster Big Data

Big Data refers to large pools of data accrued through years of spiders monitoring search engines, buyer information from websites, social media profiles and much more. However, this raw data alone is huge and incalculable. Through the “DIKW” pyramid system, Big Data is used to our advantage; that is, from the bottom up: Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom.

The data is acquired through services such as Google, Amazon or Facebook. Then, IT and computing experts apply technology to this, creating directed data, or “Information”. After this, more specific data is polished from this, creating the Knowledge. From this data, information and knowledge, we now have Wisdom, in order to help direct businesses and marketing plans. In the next year, we will all see faster processing of Big Data. Be prepared for this; understanding and analyzing big data will be integral for successful businesses of the future.

Enhanced Consumer Co-Creation

The days of fulfilling IT and other computing-service related assignments unassisted are over. Nowadays as any digital service, whether it’s IT services, web development, content writing or blogging, expect consumers to desire “co-creation”, meaning that they will be present for the production processes step-by-step.

Instead of surprising your clients with a new website, blog or campaign, they will be ready for whatever it is your company provides, as they have sat through the whole process and either the owner, or one of their staff is with you throughout the whole process. This co-creation process will be more and more important as big data and comprehensive consumerization become more commonplace and widespread.

These are just a few trends to look out for. Here at US Logic we are constantly updating ourselves on trends and upgrades, ensuring we are on the bleeding edge of the latest trends in IT and third-party maintenance services, including system maintenance services in New York and all surrounding regions. Check out our live help or call us at 609-530-0005 to keep fully updated on how to keep your business on the cutting-edge of IT and computing services.