Enterprise Cloud Storage

Maintenance, storage and monitoring of data can be a beleaguering task. Our enterprise cloud storage services in New York speak for themselves. US Logic covers all the bases with comprehensive cloud storage services and solutions.

US Logic is experienced with all forms of VCenter operations. We service and provide multiple data store tiers, including two tier data storage cluster service and storage tier management.

Our enterprise cloud storage solutions are secure and reliable, with self-service backup and restore functions, in order to backup and restore virtual machines that may experience issues with power outages and off-site technological errors.

We are flexible and accommodate the complex needs of modern business and their virtual necessities. US Logic’s engineers are well versed in VFS Datastore, HBA rescanning, Network Attached Services, and even AVAMAR based backup services. We have experience dealing with EMC ViPR, VMWare, VCenter Orchestrator and VCloud Automation Center.

US Logic pledges to bring top notch service to you in the form of virtual machines. We will carefully monitor your data stores and file-systems, and provide intricate cluster computing resources.

For the more technologically savvy organizations needing enterprise cloud storage, we offer self-service portals so you can monitor the way our engineers are servicing your enterprise.

Our enterprise cloud storage services are secure, with data protection services and creative backup services. Our Network Attached Services offer universally accessible information, along with intricate security settings, so only authorized personnel can see your most sensitive documents.

There are many concerns with cloud computing. Business owners feel that the latencies and bandwidth drawbacks do not meet the tight time constraints of the fast-paced business world. US Logic wants to dispel that fear. 

Our in-depth and versatile cloud services use mainstream interfaces. Also, our extensive knowledge with Exchange, SharePoint, VMWare Environments, SQLServer and EMC Symmetrix ensures that you get the enterprise cloud storage you need with the necessary speed to meet your business’ demands.

Say goodbye to the old disadvantages to cloud computing. Our cloud services cover the entirety of New York, and with the vast expanse of the internet, we can cover anywhere else in the nation. Contact US Logic today to receive more details about our enterprise cloud storage services!

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