When it comes to the environment, US Logic takes great efforts in doing our part to help conserve and protect the planet through our green IT equipment maintenance programs. As the IT industry deals with a significant amount of used product, we provide services that are “green” in practice - across all disciplines of our company.

Our Asset Recovery capabilities employ streamlined refurbishment and remarketing approaches, while our Asset Disposition options for customers include employee sales programs, charitable donations and IT recycling. And in the realms of data destruction and recycling and maintenance in general, US Logic is meticulously focused on utilizing the most efficient means available.

Our solutions typically include the following:

  • Portfolio Analysis: We will provide a valuation of your in service and retired IT portfolio to assess the potential value that can be attained in the market.
  • Compliance: Data Security, EPA Compliant Recycle, Export, HIPAA and SOX reporting
  • Value Recovery: We maximize the ROI across manufactures including IBM, Sun, Dell, HP, Cisco and others that range from complex data center hardware down to the desktop infrastructure.
  • Reporting: With the most sophisticated information systems in the industry, we will provide you with transparency from the receipt of assets, through data eradication to either resale or recycling of all equipment.