Professional Services

Are You Ready for the Cloud? We Help You Get There: While IT professionals recognize that moving to the cloud provides numerous benefits, few have a plan to get there. Our experts use the experience gained from hundreds of client engagements to help accelerate moving to the cloud and create a solid foundation for growth and agility. From early assessment and planning through migration and ongoing optimization, we strive to meet an organization’s unique business needs, leverage current infrastructure, and support long-term growth.

Cloud Enablement—Moving to the Cloud: Our experts collaborate with an organization to determine goals and evaluate current infrastructure. Based on this information, we provide a customized roadmap to the cloud that considers impact on uptimes, data security, and resources. Then we help execute the migration to the cloud—quickly and securely.

Disaster Recovery Services—Developing a Plan: We analyze applications, availability requirements, and recovery objectives to deliver an end-to-end disaster recovery plan. We help prepare, implement, update, and test the plan so the critical infrastructure meets business continuity requirements at a fraction of the cost of traditional disaster recovery services.

Optimization—Improving Performance and Security: Through analysis of systems and collaboration with an organization’s internal teams, we identify opportunities to fine tune infrastructure performance and build a solid security position. From there, we offer best practice recommendations and a custom long-term roadmap for storage stability, data security, and business efficiency.