Availability & Recovery Services

Data availability and mission-critical applications play essential roles in business success. Preparing for component failure and even the possibility of a disaster protects not only revenue, but also employee productivity and customer satisfaction. How can organizations ensure resiliency and protection, yet avoid the high costs and complexities of redundant data centers?

By outsourcing availability and recovery needs, enterprises get a cloud-based solution that helps avoid the costs and manpower required to implement the plan internally. Our availability services deliver redundant architectures to prevent an entire production site from going down, should an individual component fails. And our disaster recovery services provide a failover site and backup capabilities to protect from downtime and data loss in the event of a clinical or natural disaster.

At some level, both availability and recovery are necessary for avoiding business disruption. At US Logic, we realize not every company has the same requirements or budget so we offer multiple levels of availability and recovery services that organizations can dial up or down to meet their needs.  Our availability and recovery services are designed to help enterprises with production sites, failover sites or both.