As Cisco Switches and Routers Reach the End of Life, Your Budget Doesn’t Have To

End of Life (EOL) notices can send shivers down the spines of people running companies with huge technological demands. This is because when something reaches EOL, the company providing the technology will no longer offer support within 1-5 years of declaring something at EOL.

EOL can mean disaster for companies that utilize routers and switches on a daily basis. One organization that comes to mind is the US Air Force, scrambling to replace all their old Cisco™ servers so they can be up to date.

If an organization as large as the US Air Force struggles with this, it certainly is conceivable that smaller businesses shudder at the thought of major EOL decisions.

Servicing Yourself Beyond EOL

There is comfort in the future for companies suffering from EOL declarations. Even though Cisco™ may not offer support or service for your products after an allotted time, there are other solutions.

  1. Explore alternative companies for replacement and maintenance: There are suppliers out there that sympathize with companies that simply can’t afford the expenditure of 100% gutting and replacing thier routers and switches. Cisco SMARTnet is not the only options. IT vendors like US Logic can help, when huge hardware conglomerates aren’t there to.
  2. Stock up on parts: In the event of EOL, it could be in a business’s best interest to purchase spares, so that when one dies, you don’t have to jump through hoops to get replacements.

These offer solutions for dilemmas involving EOL decisions. With hacking and identity theft at all-time highs, it is integral to keep software and hardware up-to-date, protected and maintained.

You are not alone in your struggles, which may not be limited to Cisco™!

US Logic is there to help with the necessity of software and hardware maintenance and upkeep. Our on-site maintenance features the latest and greatest training in HP, Dell, IBM, EMC, NetApp, Oracle, Cisco and much more. We are New Jersey and Pennsylvania based.

Aside from comprehensive on-site maintenance, customized for each client, we also offer Cloud services to help expedite business procedures. Our objective solutions to Data Center challenges set us apart from most VARs. We offer refurbished EMC in PA, NY, NJ and globally along with all the necessary services maintenance and system preservation.

We gladly offer support for new and refurbished hardware and third party maintenance and support for older technologies. We also provide asset management services and can help with recycling and disposal of your retired assets.

We service the Pennsylvania area, but are proud to serve the entire United States. We offer refurbished NetApp in PA for companies with large software and hardware demands. Call us ASAP at 609-530-0005 and let us help.