What Are You Looking For In Managed Services?

Some clients, especially those in busy New York City are in serious need of system maintenance services. With all of the pressure that is on business owners, managers and employees in NYC, it’s easy to see why more and more CEOs, Presidents and Operations Managers are moving towards managed services.

However, there’s more to managed services than meets the eye.

These days, businesses can get many different services delegated to a Managed Services firm. That’s why it’s important to know what kind of managed services you actually need, because it’s important to only pay for the ones you need, instead of paying flat fees for services you’ll never use.

If you’re a large business and you need help keeping track of your company, we would recommend looking into remote performance monitoring, system administration, e-mail management, security management or patch/software distribution. Through these services, you’d be able to keep track of your e-mail practices, as well as ensure that your software is always up-to-date. Through security management you can keep both your assets and your employees safe from threats.

Maybe you run a business that has a lot of digital requirements and necessities. You might look to US Logic for hosting, patch management, program management, disaster recovery, business continuity or even system administration. Through all of these services, you could not only delegate the stressors of running complex computer infrastructures to a professional, but also ensure that in the event that your computer systems are destroyed or unavailable, your business will still go on, with vital data stored at a managed data center. System administration provides an extra level of preventative maintenance as a professional will monitor your business’ infrastructure and locate problems before they become catastrophes.

Some organizations may be seeking to just increase the ease of their business a little. One way to do this is through Teir-1 Help Desk services. With this, you can rest assured that customers calling with issues are only receiving the best customer service, and are being redirected to the proper services. Another way to increase the ease of business would be through simple hosting services, which would delegate data storage and many other services to a dedicated and professional data center.

This goes to show that there are many managed services for business owners and executives to choose from, whether they desire someone to completely take over design, project management and implementation needs, or if they need managed e-mail services, help desk services, hosting, system administration and security management.

At US Logic, we serve From New York to Maryland with new and refurbished products from Dell, Sun Microsystems, Brocade, Cisco and more. However, you can also rely on US Logic to direct you to the best Managed Services possible. We only act with our clients best interests in mind; so, call us today at 609-530-0005 and talk to one of our friendly experts on what managed services are right for you, considering your needs and also your budget.

Think long and hard before you look into what managed services you may need; it will save you thousands of dollars and headaches.