New & Refurbished NetApp Equipment

US Logic provides all your needs for new and refurbished NetApp products in nearby New York and PA, and for any other prospective and current clients around the globe.    US Logic provides top-notch comprehensive and swift service options and solutions for NetApp products nationwide.

Our engineers are responsible for undergoing training in the latest and best technologies, and NetApp is no exception to this rule.   They are responsible for product management and delivering the best practices and testing for your company.

We provide support and maintenance for NetApp SMVI and all versions of VSC.  Our engineers provide comprehensive maintenance and support on NetApp virtual machines, including datastores and datastore clusters, and all related networking needs.  We manage licensing, vCenter Server settings and calibrations, and solutions to anything that may occur within your vCenters and virtual machines.

US Logic services and supports the NetApp Virtual Storage Console.  We have extensive knowledge in all versions of ONTAP and NetApp ISCSI storage systems.  Our staff can help with any needs regarding the EF540 Flash Array, and the new FlashRay applications.  US Logic offers next-generation storage and data management for the demanding modern business world.

NetApp’s products require a great deal of knowledge and experience to manage and operate efficiently.  At US Logic, we will boost your business’ speed and performance, and increase reliability and simplicity for everyone.  
We will optimize your disks for Flash processes in order to increase your connections and IOPs.  US Logic will save you money by decreasing the amount of space and energy it takes to run these resources, making it a greener decision too.  Our comprehensive services analyzing your hot and cold data will optimize your disks and eliminate the necessity for overprovisioning. 

Every day, IT Teams and cloud providers struggle with the business and demands changing dynamically, sometimes at a moment’s notice.  US Logic stays up to date with our training and pledges that this ever-developing and fluctuating industry will never put your business at risk, as long as US Logic is helping you. 

Contact us today for more information on new and refurbished NetApp products in New York, PA, or anywhere else where you might desire our services.

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