US Logic supplies new and used Emulex storage solutions.  US Logic enables you to get the quality, performance and interoperability of the world's leading server and storage providers for SAN and NAS connectivity. Emulex’s fibre channel adapter technologies provide the flexibility to create customized, scalable solutions that allow today's products to solve tomorrow's problems.

SAN and NAS customers will be able to obtain best-of-breed storage networking host bus adapters spanning both Fibre Channel and Ethernet. Whatever your new, recertified, or refurbished Emulex storage needs are, US Logic can provide top-quality hardware and storage networking products at competitive prices.

  • cPCI & SBUS HBAs

  • PCI Express HBAs

  • PCI HBAs

  • PCI-X 1.0 HBAs

  • PCI-X 2.0 HBAs

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