Enterprise Cloud Storage

US Logic offers the best services possible with new and refurbished EMC products in New York, MD, PA and all over the United States.  EMC offers support until a product reaches EOL.  If your business doesn’t possess the resources to forklift upgrade these specific and complex on and off-site storage devices, please contact US Logic today.

Our engineers will optimize all of your EMC user interfaces, whether you are using new or refurbished EMC hardware and/or cloud services.  We will make sure your storage resources are allocated for peak performance.  We are educated in swapping resources and ensuring they are not locked into applications.

Complexity of services and software can create headaches for IT departments, database administrators, and storage engineers alike.  US Logic aims to entirely eliminate these headaches without the constant need of EMC’s customer support, with our comprehensive third-party maintenance solutions.

Moore’s Law dictates that integrated circuits will double in transistor density roughly every two years.  In short, this means that hardware is always moving towards becoming obsolete.  Companies that can’t afford to be constantly replacing expensive hardware elements can look to US Logic to help maintain their hardware long after scientific advancements leave them behind.  

Technology has made leaps and bounds since researchers at Berkeley College developed innovative techniques allowing multiple applications to be run on the x86 Intel microprocessor.  US Logic acknowledges this as we strive to serve any troubleshooting issues you might have with your EMC products. 

Our firm will step up to the plate and help with all forms of assistance with EMC products, including the EMC Isilon, VMAX, VNX, VBlock, VSpex, Avamar, EMC VMX Metro and EMC Simplified Resource Management.  Regardless of the product, US Logic’s third party maintenance engineers and IT specialists will reach out to help.

No matter what you need as our client, we will seek the best and quickest way to help.  This includes issues with scaled-out storage, hybrid cloud environments, integrated storage platforms, converged infrastructures, cloud-related reference architecture, virtual infrastructure data protection, continuous data availability or management of your virtual data centers.  We will assist with disaster recovery and business continuity in the event of a crash or natural disaster.

Contact US Logic today for assistance with your new or refurbished EMC products, whether you are from New York, PA, MD, or anywhere else, we will make the best effort to make your business work, on or off-site.   

  • EMC Clarion

  • EMC Celerra

  • Connectrix

  • EMC Symetrix

  • EMC Data Domain


  • EMC Avamar

  • EMC Isilon


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