New & Refurbished Cisco Storage Solutions

Cisco products are advanced and require consistent and reliable maintenance and support. 

Support for new and refurbished Cisco products is within reach for US Logic customers around nearby New York, PA and just about anywhere else.

Businesses don’t have to worry about their virtual machines and data centers lagging behind with US Logic backing them up.  Our storage services offer simplified control and management for all multi-threaded blade server-based networks and beyond.

We offer comprehensive service and support on the Cisco Nexus 7000 and 9000, as well as all forms of Cisco MDS.  US Logic’s engineers are proficient with data mobility managers, storage media encryption, and more.

Management of big data can be a chore; one that we can help you handle.

US Logic offers third party maintenance and support for refurbished Cisco-designed MDS Platforms.  We pledge to help in times of crisis with our comprehensive third-party disaster recovery services related to any affected Cisco storage devices.
Our third party maintenance experts will preserve your Cisco investments at cost effective rates.  We offer pricing based on the services you need, instead of having our customers pay flat fees.

We want your Cisco hardware to have a positive impact on your data centers and virtual machines.  Our extensive knowledge of fiber channel hardware and multi-threaded systems guarantee minimal lag and delay for your business’ Ethernet connectivity.  Your business will experience ease of access with speedy response times.

Let US Logic handle your issues with Cisco SAN Switches and blade servers.  Experts with training in array migration, single point of failure analysis, VMFex and server adapter consolidation will expediently deliver all of your Cisco-related needs.
Contact US Logic today to simplify and streamline your data management and processes with new and refurbished Cisco products.

We are glad to serve nearby PA and New York, but don’t hesitate to call us from anywhere else. 

Reach our Corporate HQ in Hamilton, NJ at 609-530-0005.

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