New & Refurbished Brocade Storage Solutions

Let US Logic help you avoid the chaos of maintaining multiple storage hardware maintenance contracts.  We offer third party maintenance on all new and refurbished Brocade products for nearby New York, MD and PA, though with our business’ virtual efficiency and versatile nature, we can serve all over the globe.

We handle Brocade storage devices and products, including all directors and switches.  We provide maintenance and support for Brocade devices that provide advanced storage networking for data centers.  We service the Brocade FS8-18 Encryption Blade.  We will work hard to optimize your data centers and ensure that any troubleshooting necessities are tackled quickly and without incident.

US Logic will work to make your IT organization’s environment as streamlined and simple as possible, with application optimization and encryption to match the privacy needs of your company.

Our engineers are trained in many different aspects of Network Function Virtualization.  We streamline data management worldwide, and our cloud support system is comprehensive and knowledgeable.  IT Departments are under more demand than ever to provide customers with easily comprehensible directions and services.  In a world where computers control almost everything we do, US Logic will work tirelessly to ensure that businesses get the help they need, to give the help they need.

We gladly service the Brocade VDX 6740, 6740T and 6740-1G switches.  We are experts in SAN design, maintenance and service.  We are well versed in the Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450 series. We also assist with the Brocade Virtual ADX to accelerate your business’ productivity.

IT services are demanding, and our third party maintenance solutions are sure to relieve some of the headaches of maintaining a functional and efficient IT Department.  For more information on new or refurbished Brocade products, please contact us.  US Logic gladly serves nearby New york, PA and MD, but if you’re from somewhere else, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we will gladly accommodate your every need.

  • San Switches

  • Server Connectivity HBAs

  • Transceivers

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